About Orange Bitters

If aromatic bitters are the most versatile bottle on the bar, then orange bitters are the most highly sought-after. This is partly because orange goes well with a great many spirits (Gin, Whiskey, and Tequila being some noteworthy examples), and partly because it’s so tough to nail down an orange bitters recipe that actually tastes like, well…orange.

Not to worry—we’ve got you covered.

Our Take on A Classic

Embitterment Orange bitters are famous for being true to the fruit from which they take their name, not muddied by unnecessary sweeteners or confused by too many competing tastes. We use a secret and carefully-developed recipe that involves a whole lot of fresh orange peel and just the right blend of other ingredients to highlight one of nature’s greatest flavor gifts to humanity.

Delicious Applications

When you crack open a bottle of our orange bitters, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Are you a gin guy? Break out your martini supplies. Are you more of a whiskey girl? Get ready to mix yourself up a gorgeous Manhattan. Our orange bitters can be used in any classic cocktail that calls for this ingredient, as well as any drink or culinary creation that needs a little citrus kick in the pants!

Flavor Profile

  • Clean
  • Refreshing
  • Bursting with Orange Oil
  • Great Accompaniment to clear or brown spirits

Recommended Cocktails