Local Partners

Here at Embitterment, we’re proud of our D.C. roots, and we support the initiative to eat, drink, and purchase local whenever practicable. For your education and convenience, we have compiled a list of our favorite local companies, service providers, and creative minds all in once place.

These are people we trust, products we savor, and relationships we value. If you have any questions about the people or services listed here, we encourage you to follow the links to their websites, check them out on social media, and see all of the excellent things that they have to offer.

Cocktail Mixers

Did you think that the Cocktail Renaissance was only for distillers and bartenders? Think again. There are some awesome mixer-makers in D.C., MD, and VA (present company INCLUDED), and you can find out more about the truly fascinating and delicious stuff they’re producing by following the links below.

Creative and Lifestyle

Need a photographer? How about a web designer?  Maybe a Poem or an Essay? In the market for a curated set of goods or a personalized something-or-other? Check out these Washington, D.C. creative companies and individuals who are cranking out the eye candy that’s making your Instagram feed’s collective mouth water.


In the past few years, craft distilling has enjoyed a hearty surge worldwide, and the DMV is riding the leading curl of that delicious, boozy wave. Below, we list a few of our favorite distilling friends, all of whom offer great products, tours, tastings, and events.

Catering Services

Looking for someone to cater a wedding or other event? Large or small, we know that someone on this list will have the exact right setup for the event you’re putting on. Whether you’re going all-out or simply want to hire a bartender to make a custom batched cocktail, the folks below have what it takes to make your event an occasion to savor.

Bars and Restaurants

D.C., as most residents well know, is a food Mecca on the East Coast, boasting some world-class food and cocktail venues. Below, we list some of our favorites, all of whom carry our bitters (or need to re-stock!).