Who We Are

We are Embitterment, and we’re here to make better bitters. We believe that great cocktails do not have to be complicated, absurd, or obscure. We’re here to serve the tasters, not just the tastemakers.

What We’re Trying to Do

Our mission is to make exquisite taste available to all people. We provide the premium-quality product, and you make the magic happen in the glass. There’s no need to choose between an expensive cocktail and an inferior beverage when you can be your own bartender—with a good bottle of bitters, you’ve got everything you need.

Where We Come From

Embitterment is proud to be a D.C.-based brand.  In a transforming city experiencing rapid change and development, we aim to re-imagine the traditional without losing sight of our roots.  Our products reflect both of those ends. We humbly acknowledge our lack of statehood, and yet we reject the idea that DC is a second class city, lost on an east coast cocktail scene dominated and dictated from New York City.