Happy 2016 from Embitterment!

It’s 2016 now, and we’ve been a bit quiet lately. But, after hearing all the excellent stories and feedback from folks who gave and received our bitters as gifts this holiday season, we decided to make some resolutions.

Surprised to see such bitter people buying into the whole “New Years Resolution” gimmick? Understandable. But you know what? Having met up with such a fantastic group of customers, colleagues, and partners in crime over the past year and a half may have just softened us up a little.

Here are our top 3 resolutions for 2016 as the Mid-Atlantic’s bitterest and most handsome premium-quality craft bitters company:

Resolution 1: More Everything

As bitters producers, we recognize that sometimes less really is more—a few small dashes of bitters, a single squeeze of fresh lemon zest—but the whole “less” thing can only go so far. This year, we’re dedicated to giving you more of everything that got you excited over the past year and a half. More recipes. More special events. More collaborations. More blogs. More cocktail porn. And yes, more bitters.

But this is a two-party resolution. In order to give you more of everything, we need to know what’s got your brain and your taste buds excited! So, hit us up any way you can—via email, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or simply by ambushing us at one of our events. If you’ve got a recipe you’re pumped about, let us know. If you’ve got a question that’s been bugging you, we want to find the answer and share it with you and the rest of our fans. The bottom line is this: the more you give us, the more we’ll give back. And who knows…maybe there’s even the possibility of some awesome swag for folks who holler at us and spread the good word of Embitterment for all to hear.

Resolution 2: More Locations

Having a hard time getting your hands on our bitters? That stinks. It doesn’t make us happy that you’re bitters-less, bitters-deprived, sans bitters, or any mode of being that implies you need bitters and we can’t get them to you. Fortunately, in 2016, we’re going to be in more stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the District of Columbia and the entire Mid-Atlantic region. So, if you want us in your local liquor store or neighborhood bar, that means you should let us know so that we can arrange our priorities accordingly (don’t be shy).

On our purchase page, we have a full listing of all the places where you can find our bitters in Washington, D.C., as well as Maryland and Virginia.

Resolution 3: New Flavors

That’s right. We’ve got our Aromatic and Orange bitters going year-round, we’ve got a new local source for the main ingredient in everybody’s favorite warm-weather flavor—Lavender, and we’ve got some sweet new projects ready to kick off in 2016.

First up, we’ve got Chocolate Bitters featuring Undone Chocolate! It’s always fun teaming up with another Union Kitchen brand, and we have a feeling that this is just the first of many bitter collaborations. Perfect for your Valentine’s Day gifting needs, these chocolate bitters go great with a bottle of local whiskey—sure to get any boozehound in the mood.

We hope you’ll hold us to these resolutions, and we’re excited to keep pumping out more and better bitters in 2016!

Stay thirsty, stay bitter.

-The Embitterment Team

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