Embitterment Summer Update: 2016

This month, we take a break from our “Liquid Poetry” series to give you an update on what we’ve been up to all summer long!

New MD and VA Retailers

For those of you in Maryland and Virginia, we’ve got some excellent new friends carrying Embittement Bitters. In the Commonwealth, head over the Middlesburg and check out Mt. Defiance Cidery and Distillery. Sample some excellent ciders on draft in their tasting room, and learn about the various liqueurs, brandies, and rums they distill as well. On Kent Island in Maryland, head over to Blackwater Distilling or White Tiger Distillery–two very different and very delicious experiences. Blackwater boasts a growing selection of MD spirits, including vodka, several varieties of rum, and even some flavored spirits and liqueurs. White Tiger, on the other hand, focuses on Laolao (Laotian Rice Whisky) and Coquito (a creamy, Puerto Rican delicacy).

When you visit our new partners, be sure to sample their products, pick some up for your home bar, and grab a bottle of our bitters before you hit the road! Check out our “Purchase” page for a complete list of Embitterment retailers.

Feature on the Speaking Easy Podcast

Speaking Easy Podcast

This August, Embitterment Co-Founder Eric Kozlik had the chance to sit down with Alex Luboff and Jordan Wicker of the Speaking Easy Podcast. In their hour-long session, they covered everything from bitters, to first cocktail stories, to cocktail culture, and almost everything in between. Be sure to check out the Embitterment Episode, and make this fun and informative podcast part of your weekly listening routine.

Tales of the Cocktail 2016

What happens in New Orleans every July?

Heat? Yes. Humidity? Definitely. Also, “Tales of the Cocktail,” an international conference that draws thousands of bartenders, spirits and cocktail enthusiasts, and yes…even your local bitters makers. This year, Embitterment sent co-founder Eric Kozlik down to get the lay of the land, shake a few hands, show off our bitters, and dodge hangovers like haymakers. Here’s a quick photo montage that hits the highlights.

Taste of the DMV Tasting Room

Here’s Eric repping Embitterment at the “Booze Revolution: Taste of the DMV” tasting room, where we got together with our distiller friends from all around the DMV to share cocktails and product tastings with the good folks of TOTC. Embitterment’s featured cocktail was the “Cruising Altitude,” a take on the Aviation featuring Limoncello, White Rum, and our Lavender Bitters.

The Science of Citrus

One of the most interesting seminars offered this year at TOTC was “From Grove to Glass: The Science of Citrus,” during which participants got to really dig into what makes citrus such an important component of popular cocktails. Pictured, you’ll see a box of rare and unusual citrus varietals from UC Riverside’s famous citrus collection.

Rare and Modern Amari Tasting

A tasting of Rare and Modern Amari, which was a bitter and delicious way to celebrate an ancient craft.

Pierre Ferrand Rare Cognac Tasting 1914 Vintage

A tasting of rare Pierre Ferrand Cognacs. Certainly one of the highlights of the trip, Eric got the chance to sample the legendary 1914 vintage (that’s 102 years old!), which was bottled by the women of the town, since the men had departed after the harvest to fight in the trenches in World War I. This tasting was like a trip back through history, and it was also headlined by David Wondrich, the author of Imbibe!

And the Cocktails…Oh, the Cocktails

La Jalousie Cocktail at the Broussard

Pictured here, you see “La Jalousie,” assembled by master bartender Paul Gustings (background) of The Broussard’s Empire Bar. This gorgeous drink packs a pucker, though, containing two different types of vinegar, along with sweet Cognac, and a whisper of Green Chartreuse.

Sazerac at the Sazerac Bar

A Sazerac at the legendary Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel.

Suffering Bastard Tiki Drink at Beach Bum Barrys Latitude 29

 The “Suffering Bastard” cocktail at Beach Bum Barry’s Latitude 29, one of the most famous Tiki bars in the country. It did not disappoint!

Alligator Hotdog

Finally, here is a very important picture of an Alligator hotdog that stopped and gave Eric’s stomach directions to a better place when he was enjoying some live tunes of Frenchman St.

Until Next Time

Folks, we’ve got some exciting new stuff to talk about this Fall, so be sure to stay tuned. Follow us on Instagram (@dcembitterment), Twitter (@DCembitterment), and Facebook to stay on the pulse of what we’re up to. We’re going to wrap up 2016 HARD and keep the momentum going into 2017.

Stay Thirsty, Stay Bitter –
The Embitterment Team

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