Ah, the cocktail.  There may be no greater pleasure in life than to kick back in your own way with a delicious, hand-crafted drink.  Because bitters are such an essential component of so many of the world’s best drinks, we thought it important to include some cocktail recipes to all those who are enjoying our bitters at home.

What’s so special about our recipes?  Well, for starters, our bitters.  Most cocktail recipes out there rely on the standard and fairly bland tastes of the bitters behemoths, rather than the finely-tuned nuances of products like ours.  Embitterment bitters are made to provide a superior taste experience, and it wouldn’t be fair of us to make that claim unless we gave you some recommendations about the tastiest ways to use them.

Below, you’ll find a set of recipes that are all covered in much greater detail in their own pages.  Feel free to click through and explore the classics and oddities we have to offer!  If you’re new to the cocktail scene and want to learn a bit more about the theory, tools, and tricks behind the magic, visit our Cocktail Demystification Guide (Coming Soon).

The Classics

The Old Fashioned

The Manhattan

The Gin Martini

The Negroni

The Sidecar

The Sazerac

The Vieux Carré

Local Collaborations

Pale Old Fashioned

The Basil Vodka Gimlet

The Light and Sunny

To Heaven in a Handbasket

Embitterment Signature Cocktails

The Flower of Normandy

The Stopping by Woods

Sign of Spring Cocktail