Welcome to Bitters Country

Greetings, D.C. community!  We’re Embitterment, the District’s newest source of hand-crafted cocktail ingredients, and we’re getting ready to launch our brand new line of high quality bitters in the near future.

We created this site as a way to let our customers get to know who we are, what we’re about, and what we can contribute to your home bar or favorite drinking establishment.  It’s a little bare-bones for now, but we’ll be rapidly posting content and updates over the course of the next few months.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@DCembitterment: https://twitter.com/DCembitterment) and Instagram (dcembitterment: http://instagram.com/dcembitterment) for some special sneak peeks into our products and methods.  You can also look forward to a Facebook business page and a badass Kickstarter page (with video!) as we approach our retail and service industry debuts.

For now, just sit back, enjoy getting to know us, and start fantasizing about the delicious, artisan cocktails coming your way in the near future.  You can get in touch with Ethan and Eric at dcembitterment@gmail.com with any queries, comments, or requests.