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Liquid Poetry: Variations on a Theme

When you’re young, you figure out the world by executing actions and then observing the ensuing consequences. Close your eyes, and everything gets dark. Drop a rubber ball, and it bounces. Pull the cat’s tail, and…well, let’s not do that again. That didn’t turn out so well the first time. The same goes for cocktails. […]

Embitterment Summer Update: 2016

This month, we take a break from our “Liquid Poetry” series to give you an update on what we’ve been up to all summer long! New MD and VA Retailers For those of you in Maryland and Virginia, we’ve got some excellent new friends carrying Embittement Bitters. In the Commonwealth, head over the Middlesburg and check […]


Liquid Poetry: Terroir

Whether you’re out enjoying a cocktail at a bar or mixing one up in your own home, it’s easy to forget the means in favor of the delicious end. That is, it’s easy to focus on the flavors in the glass and forget about the natural and human forces responsible for creating those flavors. About […]


Liquid Poetry: Cocktail as Death Wish

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a poet friend of mine and we tried to figure out what exactly cocktails are. At one point, he turned to me and said, “in fact, cocktails are pretty bad for you…they’re sugar and poison.” And he’s right, which got me thinking. Are those of us who […]


Liquid Poetry: The Problem with Recipes

Sometimes the most accurate definitions aren’t the ones we find in dictionaries, the most thrilling flavors not spoon-fed to us by recipe books. The great masterpieces that now hang on museum walls were not “paint by numbers” projects, which is why we know them as “Mona Lisa” and “American Gothic,” instead of “smiling lady” or […]


Liquid Poetry: A Taste of the Season

“I want it to taste like I’m drinking a cup of dirt,” my friend Sarah once told me, referring to her coffee preferences. Most people wouldn’t phrase it this way, but Sarah has raised chickens. She has worked on a clam dredge in the Atlantic. She is a poet. I think Sarah knows exactly what […]


Directive: A Starting Out Point

We live in spaces where there is too much information all the time—information designed to get us to buy things, every statement a marketing pitch. The goal of what I am about to begin is to provide a retreat from all that noise propped up by dollar signs. At Embitterment, Ethan, Russell, and I have […]

Happy 2016 from Embitterment!

It’s 2016 now, and we’ve been a bit quiet lately. But, after hearing all the excellent stories and feedback from folks who gave and received our bitters as gifts this holiday season, we decided to make some resolutions. Surprised to see such bitter people buying into the whole “New Years Resolution” gimmick? Understandable. But you […]


Drinkonomics: The Aviation

Hey there all you bitters fans, we’ve got a killer cocktail recipe for you, but first we want to extend a giant THANK YOU to all of those who made it out to THE BEACH at the National Building Museum and helped us win a friendly competition against our Union Kitchen compadres, Element [Shrub] and […]


Virginia is for Bitters

Hey all, In case you’re not following us on social media (which you should be…) Embitterment is pleased to announce that our Aromatic and Orange Bitters are now on sale in the tasting room at the Catoctin Creek distillery in Purcellville, Virginia! We’re extremely excited to be carried by D.C.’s foremost local rye producer, and […]